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Updated: May 11

When the novelty and charm of maintaining an empty golf course finally wears off, there will need to be much hard thinking of how the long term management plan can be pared down. Clubs are taking a big financial hit as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown, and even when lockdown restrictions are lifted in future, throughput of golf will not returning to normal levels any time soon. The undesirability of travel and social mixing will inhibit green fees, societies and company days. And a high percentage of golf club members are within the group classed as most vulnerable, who are not being encouraged to get out and about.

What parts of the management programme can be cut back with least detrimental impact? Do we really need to apply that expensive chemical just in case? How can we ensure the course will welcome back players in fine condition with no off-putting operations? While course visits are suspended due to lockdown and short term budget cuts, I will be pleased to try to answer technical issues by email or Whatsapp, with photos. Please get in touch on or phone 07774152701.

David Stansfield

1 May 2020


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