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As you have arrived on this page it's likely you are looking for independent advice on your golf course. You might have specific technical problems, you may be considering long term plans for change or you could be seeking professional reassurance your golf course is as good as it can be. Whatever the reason, we offer the complete package to back up your green team and produce an authoritative report for your Board or CEO. We have 40+ years of golf-only, hands-on experience of the best courses throughout the UK and Europe, providing bespoke evaluations and a full scope of non-commercial scientific analysis to optimise your course management plan.

  Sustainable Greenkeeping


Cost-Effective Course Management

Sustainable greenkeeping is working with the inherent character of a site to provide high quality, reliable turf on all sections of the golf course. Turf that is best adapted to local soil and climate needs least fertiliser or chemical inputs. We believe less is best and the key bio-stimulant is oxygen. Our surveys cover greens, aprons, surrounds, fairways, tees, bunkers and rough, highlighting positive success, not just room for improvement.

Pesticide-Free Greenkeeping

We have extensive experience of chemical free golf course operations in both the UK and EU. This is a big challenge for Clubs but one that all may have to take on  in the not so distant future. Long term preparation is key to success because simply switching off the tap can be a disaster. Also, Members must be on board and be made aware in advance of likely challenges along the way, as well what will be the outcome.

Course Audits


Identifying Weaknesses

Looking to improve your course but not sure where best to turn? Need help planning or executing your next project? We can guide you. Any organization can move forward with small incremental changes, but building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment calls for bold moves and insightful decisions based on hard data and a careful eye on cost.

Internet Services

Advice based on a site inspection and analysis of samples will always be the cornerstone of our work. However, the possibility of a site visit can be limited by travel restrictions and budget concerns. In such circumstances we can still offer something positive at a much lower cost through Zoom or Teams meetings with Managers, Greenkeepers and Committees. And we always respond to clients who send us a query and photo by Whatsapp via the phone number below.

Scientific Analysis


Cutting out the guesswork

We offer a full range of laboratory testing covering chemical, physical and biological analyses of soils, rootzone mixes, sands and plant materials, all carried out by leading specialists in  their field. As important as the numbers though is the knowledge and experience of how to evaluate them according to the nature and location of each course, and specific long term targets.

Drainage Design


Both 12-month per year playability and the capacity to grow the best possible turf for golf depend on the effective control of soil moisture. as such, money spent on drainage is never wasted, whether this be through cultivations, pipe or PCD installation, or  basic clearing of ditches and  restoring broken connections. We can guide you on in-house operations or point you to the best contractors, to ensure you get it right first time.

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