Spring 2019

Posted on 19th March, 2019

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A fabulous Feb and no Beast from the East this year has allowed course visits to get into full  swing at an early date. The primary action point to date has been means of recovery of lingering drought damage on green surrounds and fairways lacking irrigation cover, where grass has been slow to come back. This is because the limited amount of rain that fell last autumn was not enough to cause rewetting until Christmas at which point the ground temp was too cold for there to be an impact. Indeed Jan and Feb too have been low rainfall periods in some parts of the country too and I am still seeing fairways that are dry 6-7 cm from the top.


Clubs with the benefit of fairway irrigation have not all escaped the worst of the hot summer in 2018. Some ran out of water while others tried to push the turf too hard and suffered the consequences. Those that survived best used somewhere in the region of 35-40,000 m3 of irrigation last year, and still showed no signs of overwatering!


David Stansfield

March 2019

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