Regular Checks

Our core service is to provide an independent technical audit of the golf course, comparing the results of course management with the potential of the site and the vagaries of weather impacts. On this basis, most clients request 2 course inspections per year to monitor developments and keep the management team up to date with progress. As needed, soil, sand, water or biological samples are collected for lab  tests. Each visit is followed up with a comprehensive report submitted as a PDF that can be added to the Club's website, if desired. In between visits, short term concerns can be addressed 24/7 by telephone or by email/WhatsApp with accompanying photos at no extra cost.


Lab Analysis

In addition to course inspections, we provide and evaluate accurate lab analysis of chemical, physical and biological issues, either as a monitoring process or to help deal with a special problem. 


Course Construction/Reconstruction

Our aim here is to provide a meaningful assessment for the Golf Course Architect or Developer of how best to construct a new golf course or modify an existing site so that it works well with the land, the local climate and projected playing performance. In producing a feasibility study we build our advice around an on-site survey, lab analysis and published data to produce a detailed report on proposed construction techniques, drainage requirements, materials for import and the ideal scope for irrigation.