All services are individually tailored to the requirements of the client, whether this be an individual club, a golf course architect or a developer. 


Regular Checks

For the individual club, our core service is to provide an independent technical audit of the golf course, to assess ongoing results from course management and compare these with the potential of the site. Most clients employ David Stansfield Ltd to visit on a regular basis to carry out such checks, on average twice per year. On each occasion a course inspection is carried out in conjunction with the Course Manager / Head Greenkeeper and a representative(s) of the Green Committee. An evaluation is made of the greens, surrounds, fairways, tees and bunkers, and the effectiveness of the prevailing treatment package. Recommendations are made for both short term action and longer term programmes as needed, to maximise the usability of the turf at the best possible level of playing performance year round. Available resources, budgets and the aspirations of members are all taken into account. 

Lab Analysis

In addition to course inspections, we provide and evaluate accurate lab analysis of chemical, physical and biological issues, either as a monitoring process or to help deal with a special problem. 


For the Golf Course Architect or Developer, our aim is to provide a meaningful assessment of how best to construct a new golf course or redevelop an existing site so that it works well with the land. In order to provide a detailed report on proposed inclusions into the specification of works covering construction techniques, materials for import, and the necessary scope of drainage and irrigation, we build our advice around an on-site soil survey, lab analysis, and published data, so everything focuses on the project in hand