David started out as a full time agronomist in 1978 and throughout his working life has specialised in golf course management, construction and renovation. The early part of his career was at the STRI, where he was Senior Agronomist, with much of his time taken up by advising the R&A on courses hosting international tournaments, both professional and amateur. A career move in the early 1990's took him to PSD Agronomy, with whom he continued to advise both individual clubs and national federations, such as the English Golf Union. Then the New Mellenium offfered an opportunity to become fully freelance and independent, at which point he started up David Stansfield Ltd, a specialist, niche company that has gone from strength to strength and is well recognised throughout the UK and Europe.


David holds a BSc (Hons) in Biology and an MIBiol (by exam) in Plant Pathology.